An Oral History of the Church

"An Oral History of the Christian Church," by Adam Christman and Jonathan McCormick, is a conversational history podcast organized by "volume" (season). Check out our companion podcast, "Saints Gone Before"!
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An Oral History of the Church



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Jul 29, 2016

Miguel Rodriguez is an alumnus and prior staff member of Gateway Seminary (nee Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), as well as a pastor local to Marin County, where the Northern California campus of GGBTS was located for decades up until recently. Miguel gives us a wealth of insight on the seminary in recent years, stretching as far back as the 1980s, when as a child he accompanied his mother to GGBTS classes.

If you would like to hear more from Miguel Rodriguez, you can visit Lincoln Hill Community Church in San Rafael, CA, and their website ( to learn more about them and hear his sermons.

Our next episode arrives in two weeks! We are returning to a bi-monthly format for the near term and possibly the long term as Jonathan and Adam sort out their new schedules. Episode 13 features GGBTS alumn Marc Jantomaso, church planter and minister currently based in Virginia. You can expect that episode on August 12th.

Jul 22, 2016

Steve and Grace Howell sat down with Jonathan and Adam for a rich discussion of GGBTS' now-closed music department, more about the preschool, and their return to GGBTS for Steve's second degree before they came on staff at a church near the seminary's Mill Valley campus.

There's one more Friday left in July, our month for a flood of weekly episodes. Episode 12 features pastor Miguel Rodriguez, set to release on July 29th. Miguel is an alumnus of GGBTS, a previous staff member of GGBTS in a vital program yet to be discussed on this podcast, and the pastor of Lincoln Hill Community Church in San Rafael, CA, which sits just a few minutes north of the seminary's Mill Valley campus.

Jul 15, 2016

The tenth episode in this volume is an interview with Gateway Seminary (nee Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) alumnus Anne Marie. She spoke with us about her experiences as a student and staff with the Kim School of Missions at GGBTS. Jonathan and Adam appreciate her addition to this project that provides an expanding perspective on what GGBTS was like in this moment in its history.


Next week is another interview with a married couple! This interview is with Steven and Grace Howell. As with several others interviewed in this project, they have both studied at GGBTS, and they have both worked there, AND they are local ministers who will see GGBTS leave Marin County. But it is how each of these elements played out that delivers a unique story that weaves into the overall story of who GGBTS was during this period. Download it on July 22nd!

Jul 8, 2016

Dr. Gary Arbino has been on faculty with Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary for over 20 years, specializing in Old Testament studies. Prior to that time, he was on staff with GGBTS, and he was a student with the seminary, as well. He gives us a significant insider's look at how the relocation of GGBTS' main campus will affect those left behind or those who personally wish it had remained in Mill Valley.

July is a big month for An Oral History of the Church. We're releasing episodes every Friday during this month, so come on back next week for an interview with recent GGBTS alumnus Anne Marie.

If you haven't already, you will begin to see GGBTS referred to by her new name! In June 2016, the name change was approved. The school's new moniker is "Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention." In addition, as of the publishing of this episode, much of the relocation has now taken place. The Ontario campus is nearly set up, and the same is true for the temporary Mill Valley campus as they await the completion of the new Bay Area Campus building in Fremont, CA.

Jul 1, 2016

Adam and Jonathan talk with Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Ph.D. student Jared Jenkins, who is also a pastor, blogger, podcaster, and not least, husband and father. Jared tells us about his experiences with GGBTS through their Missions Conference over many visits and how he came to be a student with this seminary and what his experience of it has been.

Next time around, Adam and Jonathan interview Dr. Gary Arbino, a member of the GGBTS faculty since the mid-1990's.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Because of the number of interviews we've recorded, An Oral History of the Church is going to a weekly release schedule for the month of July! So you'll get a new episode right here every Friday for the rest of the month. That means our upcoming episode with Dr. Gary Arbino arrives on July 8th!