An Oral History of the Church

"An Oral History of the Christian Church," by Adam Christman and Jonathan McCormick, is a conversational history podcast organized by "volume" (season). Check out our companion podcast, "Saints Gone Before"!
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An Oral History of the Church



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Sep 23, 2016

Somebody stick a fork in this oral history because it is DONE. Episode 17 features an interview with co-host Jonathan McCormick, an alumnus of GGBTS and current Regional Librarian of the San Francisco Campus of Gateway Seminary. Jonathan makes a case for viewing the relocation of the seminary as a form of gentrification for Mill Valley/Tiburon that listeners may find particularly interesting.

While this episode marks the end of the GGBTS Campus Relocation Project, it does not mark the end of the podcast! Keep your subscriptions on because we return in November with the beginning of Volume 2!

We want to thank all of our listeners over the course of this project. Your downloads and feedback are greatly appreciated. If you want to discuss anything with Adam and Jonathan, e-mail

Sep 16, 2016

The GGBTS Campus Relocation Project finale begins! First up, we continue our methodology to interview co-host Adam Christman for his perspective on the relocation. We laughed, we cried, we lost 5 pounds.

Come back next time for the second half of the GGBTS Campus Relocation Project finale! Yes, we will try to make that name longer! Oh, and it features an interview with co-host Jonathan McCormick, as well as overall reflection on the project, and the announcement of volumes 2 and 3 of An Oral History of the Church.

Sep 9, 2016

No need to be shushed, dear listener! This episode features the coolest librarian around. Dr. Kelly Campbell contributes her perspective to our oral history this week. She is the Associate Dean of Information Services and Director of the Library at Columbia Theological Seminary, and previous Library Director for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary's Northern California Campus, located in Mill Valley.

Dr. Campbell provides yet another angle on the campus relocation, especially as regards the library from 2003 to 2013 as well as GGBTS' work with alumni. The interview is conducted only by Jonathan, as Adam was unavailable at the time. We commend it to you as another helpful entry in this series, and the last episode to feature an interview with a guest.

Episode 16 is our next episode, and it features a debriefing interview with co-host Adam Christman. We will follow the same methodology and questions for this interview, and the final interview. The final interview is with co-host Jonathan McCormick, and will feature both an interview with Jonathan and an overall comment on the study by Jonathan and Adam.

But that's not the last episode of the podcast! Our next volume will be announced soon, and it will begin airing in late Fall 2016.

Sep 2, 2016

The 14th episode in our GGBTS Campus Relocation project has finally arrived! This interview features Dr. Brice Butler, pastor of Tiburon Baptist Church and two-time alumnus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. As the pastor of TBC, Dr. Butler is another Marin County local looking on as the seminary relocates. In some ways, Brice's experiences are similar to our 7th episode in this volume, in which we interviewed Kent and Katie Philpott. Brice comes at the relocation from his own angle, however, so we commend it to you now.

If you're keeping up with the project, you should know we are in our final stretch of episodes! The GGBTS Campus Relocation project will total 17 episodes in all. Next week, you can expect to find an episode interviewing Dr. Kelly Campbell, a previous Library Director for GGBTS who served on staff for 10 years! The final two episodes will feature debriefing interviews with your co-hosts Adam and then Jonathan. In those episodes, you will find our own take on each of these questions as we stick to our methodology, and a commentary on the overall project.

But this is not the end of An Oral History of the Church! To the contrary, volume 2 will begin in November of 2016! Stay tuned to find out the subject of that volume, or swing by .