An Oral History of the Church

"An Oral History of the Christian Church," by Adam Christman and Jonathan McCormick, is a conversational history podcast organized by "volume" (season). Check out our companion podcast, "Saints Gone Before"!
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An Oral History of the Church



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Jan 27, 2017

What is history, and what is history writing? Is there a difference? What is the best way of writing history?

The entire volume has culminated to this point, folks. We've looked at the individual tasks that make up the historian's work. Now comes the discussion on the philosophy of history. We talk through different perspectives on the issue, then present our own. We have quite a list of book recommendations for you this time, as well. 

In two weeks, on February 10th, we will release the FINAL EPISODE of this volume. We've had a lot of fun, but it's time to wrap this one up before we move on to the next. Our final episode puts the spotlight on practicum: how did these history writings do well, and how can they grow? One text will be a piece written by co-host Adam Christman. The other is chapter 1 of Gerald Bray's "Augustine: On the Christian Life: Transformed by the Power of God." So if you'd like to read Bray's chapter in advance, get your hands on a copy and be prepared for us to discuss how he goes about writing the history of the life and times of Augustine of Hippo.

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"Saints Gone Before" is our companion podcast featuring audiobook readings with no commentary. We're in the middle of Martin Luther's "Concerning Christian Liberty" at the moment. New episodes release every Monday.

Jan 13, 2017

What is the role of the social sciences as they relate to history? Aren't they just one and the same? We dig into this subject as deep as we can this week. It builds on the last several episodes - the use of primary, secondary, and even tertiary sources. Come back next week for our discussion of history writing!

Questions or comments? Please contact us at or on Twitter @OralHistoryPod and we might answer them on the show! We hope to hear from you.

Our next volume is coming soon, and it will focus on the Protestant Reformation. If you have questions about that, you are welcome to send them in now and we will try to work those in, as well. 

"Saints Gone Before" started releasing episodes in early December 2016. You can find weekly episodes there in all the same subscription options as An Oral History of the Church, including texts from the Radical Reformation and Martin Luther.